Top 10 if you are going to a camp in the spring…….

by Kaisa Jakobsen

Hey, Frank here, time to get to the tabs…..
this is written, under thread from Kaisa, and with this mindset:
you are triathlete / doing 1/2 or full distance in 2015 / did triathlon training + racing in 2014
you live in the northern part of our globe and have winter = cold & snow in winter time

Train for your spring camp!

1 = get ready for a lot of time on your bike on the camp. You will need it after a winter with not to long rides. So……..6 weeks out form your camp, start to do 1 long steady ride a week. And what is long ?? depends where you come from, but 3 to 4 hours on a hometrainer will cut it.

2 = go for the bike! It is just the one part that suffers during the winter, so choose a place where it is good to ride the bike, and flat + mountains (yes, we have it, but so do many other places, so this is not a NLC PR stunt, just plain advice)

3 = if you are a superbiker, and suffer on the swim, then maybe find a camp where the focus is on the swim, and bike+run is second to that for the week.

4 = if you are good in the pool, but suck in an open water / wetsuit, find a place and a time where you can get in the ocean. And yes……even if there is waves etc., get out there

5 = if you are good in open water, choose a place with ocean swim, and get in there anyway. you have been doing the black line the whole winter, so that is all good now. yes, you might miss the splits, the intervals, the coach on the deck, and the PR by 0,5 sec, but now it is the chance to become even better in openwater, crab it !

6 = train hills on the bike. Bring a piece of wood to your spin class, and lift the front of the bike by 2 to 8 cm. It will not just feel different, it will train you different. And yes, you will be more ready to ride a 45 min long mountain climb, if you do this once a week. Or hit any hills that you can find on the roads. 15 x 4min roadclimb , every 2nd sitting with good rpm spin, and every 2nd standing all the way up. Go.

7 = and now that we are outside. Do drink, and 50% or more of a normal spring/summer day. I see many riding the long sunday ride of 180min, and drink half a bottle on the whole ride. Yes the water is cold when it is 5 degree weather, and you dont feel like it…. So: Drink well before the ride / Bring a camel-therme drink bottle, and fill it with warm water from the start – that gives you about 20-35min before is start to be ….cold Make a pit stop on the gas station after 2 hours, and fill the bottle with hot tea water, put some sugar in for the taste, and even for energy….. This will save you from having stonehard legs the day after the ride, and you might just feel like pushing 20-50 watts more on the last hour, and get some good training done.

8 = do split your runs up, when it is cold outside instead of the 90 min run, go 45 in the morning and 45 in the evening. yes…..I know that it is not the same, but you might get to march/april without sickness, injury and with a fitness that is just ……the same and regarding camps……you need a ok fitness, when you go down to do the 20 to 35 hours week.

9 = after a good Christmas and New Year, you are broken, and the money you spend has turned into kg…..and are sitting just on the middle on you…… so stay cool, just eat clean, good food, and train. Loose……..nothing the first 2 weeks but then loose 0,5 kg a week, and when you go to the camp, your are just where you need to be = between xmas big and race lean, and you are real good. If you push it too hard, you will go so low on carbs, that solid training is hard to do, your fitness will suffer….and yes, your immune system is supported by carbs, so stay cool (and healthy)

10 = last advice
do go on a camp, it will boost your fitness, mood, and you just look better when you smile

see you out there
Frank / Proud founder & coach

Your coach!

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