Can I get on a waiting list, if a week is sold out?

We have a waiting list, which we manage on a first come first serve basis. Please notice most weeks are booked quite early and way before the season starts, but on rare occasions we receive cancellations. We aim to keep all on the waiting list updated on any sudden availability up until a week before the requested week.

Can I book a week with special training theme without participating in the programme?

Yes you can. The programme for that specific week is designed by a top coach and most participate in all or the majority of the program. But if you wish to particpate in parts of it or train 100% according to your own programme it is all up to you – as long as you push yourself toward your next level. Just remeber that our roomprice includes always halfboard  (drinks excluded) and the training program.

Are there any special demands I need to meet?

If you wish to participate in our group training sessions we do expect that you are in good basic form and are bringing your willpower to NLC. We also expect that your bike equipment is ok, including fully functional brakes, right mountain gearing and that you tell us in advance if you have had any major injuries recently. If you wish to participate group bike rides you must be able to bike with clip pedals and have done so for at least a full summer season – this only for your own and the group’s safety. We are there for you and to secure that you train well, but also for you to learn and grow in your sport as wells as training with others that share your passion.

Can I bring the family?

Absolutely! The rooms are for 3 persons, and if you are 2 adults and 2 children you can always ask for upgrade to a bigger room. The hotel hosts throughout the year a lot of families with kids, so it has kids pools, entertainment, restaurants and other services that will entertain your family while you train.

How do I get from the airport to NLC? What will it cost?

There are always available taxis at the Palma de Mallorca airport and the rate to nlc is approx. 80 euro. Transportation time is approx. 45 minutes. If you are bringing your own bike you should try to find a taxi with adequate space. If you are two travelling in 2 with your own bikes the taxi might charge you an additional 20 euro.

How do I book a taxi in advance?

We can recommend below taxi company, which has transported our guest from and to the airport since we started NLC. They are more than happy to take you to NLC, and no extra charge even booked in advance. Contact: email: mobil: +34609 137 580

How long time does it take to come to NextLevelCamp from the airport?

About 45 min.

Can I book a sea view or upgrade my room from standard to a bigger one in advance? What is the surcharge?

Even the hotel is by the ocean, they=we are not selling seaview rooms with extra charge. 

Yes, you can upgrade from a standard room to a bigger room. The price is a bit higher but you will have more space, and in that way also better for 3 persons. Just ask for upgrade.

I have never been riding on the mountains, can I still ride in your guided tours?

Yes you can. We are always divided into 2 – 4 groups and as long as you have trained at home and are used to riding your bike on regular roads you are most welcome to participate. We recommend that you before your stay at NLC find the longest, steepest road at home and ride it up and especially down until your are comfortable – be brave…

I have mixed experiences with training weeks in the southern part of Europe and big hotels in noisy neighborghoods. Can I be sure to get my necessary recover and sleep at NLC?

Yes. We have decades of experience from the travel industry and have searched for a long time for a hotel of the right size and in the best location for training.  
NLC is a part in a big hotel, and the area is very quiet, and there are no other big hotels nearby. NLC houserules are peace and quiet at 22.00 -which we dont have to enforce, as everybody is tired after a full day of training.

I wish to make a booking for a week at NLC, but will arrive on a Sunday not Saturday. Do I have to pay for the full week?

Our training programme covers a 6 day training week starting sunday, but you can arrive late sunday or even monday and jump right in. Price is normally for a full week, but send a mail or call us and we will see what can be done.

We just want to fly down and train as cheap as possible. If we dont take part into your rides and other arrangements, can we then get a discount?

On the NLC website you can find all the services including in the price for a stay at NLC. We have chosen an all-training inclusive model in order to give our guests the best possible service, training facilities and coaching so they can reach their individual next level. NLC has a unique location, quality rooms and with the service/training included we believe the prices are more than fair. Therefore we operate with fixed prices and do not give refunds or discounts.

Where can I rent a decent roadbike in Alcudia?

Check the best rental options on They have good bikes and super service and delivery of the bikes to and from NextLevelCamp. Remember to write to the reservation that you travel with NextLevelCamp.

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