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NextLevelCamp 2019 is a WRAP again...!

by Kaisa Jakobsen

Subtitle - NextLevelCamp is a WRAP again...!

We want to thank you !

Thank you for coming to NLC in 2019

We had more athletes/guests than ever before, which we are very grateful for.
But even more important is that  even  “the old” repeat clients, started to love our new place
with the added pools, SPA with the greatest view and coldbath
Also the upgraded food and service, that is one more step to a good training week.
Last big thanks goes to the our PRO guides, because 10 weeks, without any big accidents, and that is just the best.

For 2020 we will let “the old” guests book first, and some weeks will book out fully like this.
You will know as soon as the program comes out, what new things are happening, 
and what will just be good old “real training weeks, not active holiday” weeks.

We hope that the week or weeks you where training with the NLC team this spring, will lift your racing 
and give you special trainingdays, that you will remember.
All the best for the rest of 2019!

NLC Founders (and passionate about your fitness level)
Kaisa & Frank

Team NLC 2020

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NextLevelCamp 2019 is a WRAP again...!

**We want to thank you !** Thank you for coming to NLC in 2019 We had more athletes/gues

Taxi transport to NLC from/to the airport

Transport from the airport to NextLevelCamp is easiest with a taxi, and it is a good idea to order i