The camp is soon starting up – see some images from Mallorca today

by Kaisa Jakobsen | March 2, 2015

The spring is getting into full blooming on Mallorca.
The rides during the weekend, and new route checking was fantastic… and we even had time to jump into the sea!!!
Yes… the water is not more that 12 degrees, but it had to be tested.

Else… well.. the cycling and training in Alcudia is exactly as perfect as it can be.
Looking for no more
Look forward to it!
Almond trees just getting into flowers
Coffeebreak in Alaro
Just riding…
just rolling…
and riding 🙂
“Spring bathing “

Sansego camp with Craig “Crowie” Alexander in lead

![](/static/nlc_storage/5f2ea129-4491-42f7-b436-840328508b49.jpg) Join Craig Alexander - 5 x Wo

NextLevelCamp 2019

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It’s a wrap!

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NextLevelCamp Cyclingshorts and shirt

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Time to book your rental bike

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