NLC Team members 2017 - Annie Thoren

by Kaisa Jakobsen | November 1, 2016

Annie is back on NLC, for her second year, and we are so happy to get her back.

She comes back with 2 swedish champion titels and just so fantastic 4th place in ITU long distance World Championchips, in her pocket.

We really like her way to be an athlete and guide on NLC. She has a big heart, is patient and everything that we see that a guide needs to be.

But watch out, when she gets to her “racemode”, and that she gets, when it is time to ride allout, specially on her favorit climbs.

Annie is a great open water swimmer, and she likes to help anyone, when she has time for that. Just book her in beforehand, as she is quite popular.

If you ask us… then you are gonna ride with a becoming Wolrd Champion, when you ride in her group. That big talent she is.

So…come down and train in her group.. it is that worth now…and you will be proud of that once upon a time in the future.


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