Cycling and triathlon training on Mallorca in the middle of March

by Kaisa Jakobsen

Just want to write a small checklist for you, who have booked your triathlon training camp in NextLevelCamp, and are arriving 14th March. You might wonder what clothes to take with, and how is the weather generally, do you need thermal clothes or shoe covers for the biking, or should you bring the wetsuit with you…

Weather for the coming week looks like this:

Not bad at all…this is more or less as good as it can get in March. This means that the water in the ocean is also warming up well, and our small bay might get up to 15-16 degrees. So if you are not afraid of the cold water, take absolutely your wetsuit with… But remember that as soon as the wind gets a bit stronger or the wind direction changes, it can affect the water temperatures.
The same concerns the weather, when we are cycling on the mountains, cycling upwards you will get warm and sweaty and you almost feel that a sleeveless cycleshirt is not small enough, but going downwards, it is still nice to have loose arm/leg warmers, gloves, vest or thin cycling jacket on you. The spring weather makes everything still a bit chilly. But with weather like this it is ok to ride with “korte rør” = short pants and cycling shirt on the flat roads and small hills.

Another good idea for you coming down here to ride on the mountains is, that you get your bike in good stand! Control that you have good brake pads, if not, change them. And see that they fit well on the wheel rim, and do not touch the tire…you will be doing nice downhills, and we want you to be safe on tires. We have good roads, but it is never bad to put on new tires, that will be your friend for the summer.Control that the cleats are in good condition, also the chain: clean or new. Regarding the gearing…you will be climbing up to 12%, but most of all, you will do climbing after 3-4 hours of riding, so a safety gear is good to have, as it is springtime, and we are building shape. For good riders we normally recommend 53/39 front combined with a 11/26 back, and for middle and maybe a little out-of-shape for sure a 12/28 back. If you have compact front = 50/34, you can go with 11/25 back as good rider and 12/26 to 28 on back, for middle to a little out-of-shape riders

If you then again will rent a bike down here, do it now…or I hope you already did it, as the rental shops are announcing mostly sold out for the entire spring! Try the BMC , just 500m from our place, our ultimative bike rental, that we co-operate well with. If they don’t have, ask us.

And…as we have been here already about a month, the weather has been everything during this period: snow on the mountains, strong rain and wind for 1-2 days, or sun and no wind and temperatures up to 20-25 degrees… So anything can still be expected…but one thing is sure, you can always do quality training down by us, as we always do the optimal program for the week after the latest weather forecast…this is how it works on NextLevelCamp 🙂

Your ultimative training camp!

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